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How to Analyze Suella Braverman’s Review of ‘Woke’ Policing


In recent times, the term ‘woke’ has gained substantial prominence in the discourse surrounding policing and social justice. It’s a concept that has stirred heated debates and has become a defining factor in political and cultural landscapes across the world. One individual who has found herself at the center of this contentious issue is Suella Braverman, a prominent political figure in the United Kingdom. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the controversy surrounding Suella Braverman, as she faces criticism from her own review of ‘woke’ policing.

The Landscape of ‘Woke’ Policing

To truly understand the situation, it’s crucial to first define what ‘woke’ policing represents in contemporary society. ‘Woke’ policing is often associated with a heightened awareness of social injustices, systemic racism, and discrimination. It emphasizes the need for law enforcement agencies to be more attuned to these issues and to adopt a more inclusive and empathetic approach in their interactions with the community.

Suella Braverman: A Brief Overview

Suella Braverman is a prominent British Conservative politician who currently serves as the Member of Parliament for Fareham. She has also held various ministerial positions, including the role of Attorney General for England and Wales. Known for her staunch conservative views, Braverman has been an outspoken critic of what she perceives as ‘woke’ policies and practices within the policing system.

The Controversial Review

In an unexpected turn of events, Suella Braverman initiated a review into ‘woke’ policing practices within the UK. The aim was to assess whether the police force had become too influenced by social justice ideals, potentially compromising its core functions. This move drew mixed reactions from both the public and political circles.

The Critics’ Perspective

Critics argue that Suella Braverman’s review into ‘woke’ policing reflects a lack of impartiality, given her previous vocal opposition to these very concepts. They contend that her preconceived notions may have influenced the review’s outcome, casting doubt on its objectivity.

The Supporters’ Perspective

On the other hand, supporters of Suella Braverman argue that her willingness to investigate ‘woke’ policing demonstrates a commitment to examining all aspects of law enforcement, even those she may disagree with personally. They believe that the review serves as an important step in ensuring that the police force remains accountable to the public.

Implications for Policing

The controversy surrounding Suella Braverman’s review raises critical questions about the future of policing in the UK. It prompts us to consider whether the police should be insulated from social justice concerns or whether they should actively engage with these issues to build trust within the communities they serve.


In conclusion, Suella Braverman’s review into ‘woke’ policing has ignited a fierce debate within the United Kingdom. While critics question the objectivity of the review, supporters see it as a necessary step in addressing pressing social justice concerns. The outcome of this controversy will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for the future of policing in the UK.



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